I believe lions are the next creature to evolve into an intelligent species

Monkeys have had 4-5 million years to evolve into humans. Lions have only been around about a million years. I think the main problem they have is they don’t live long enough–they only live about 10 years, I think as they live older the intelligence problem will fix itself. Lions can be very responsible and powerful creatures and give it enough time a future evolution of them will be talking and problem solving.

My money is on dolphins if they ever grow hands.


I’m going with possums.

Cats- if they could ever figure out those fuzzy thumbs.

The main obstacle faced by the miniature lion in my home is a lack of opposable thumbs. I’m safe so long as I can operate the can opener for her.


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What if we de-evolved into humankind though and the lions were already advanced and completely evolved?

But from our perspective we didn’t have any idea what it was to be evolved since we had gone backwards?

The yellow breasted boobie hawk has an extra tallon on his left foot that night just be a finger

I like the word “lioness.” used it a few times in my poems.

I’d be okay with lionesses becoming the next intelligent species.

Lions have no natural predators after them. No animal hunts or depend on eating or preys on lions.
Hyenas or wild dogs may prey on the sick or elderly lions of the lions are very, very sick or hurt and can’t keep up with the rest of the pride. But no one hunts them except for man.

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turtles live over a hundred years and they aren’t smart. but there is a parrot that know 300 words, they are smart for such a small brain and they just found out dinosaurs had feathers. parrots live to be 75. Koko the gorilla is most human like, she even has slang.

What do you mean “next”? There is no intelligent life on this planet as far as I’ve seen.

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You mean rich periodontal docs.
Although most in that catagory shoot with Canon cameras, not guns.

Lol, what does that mean @Csummers?

way to denounce yourself…

just kidding

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The person who shot that lion named “cecil” over in Africa that caused such an outrage, was a rich dentist from USA,

I personally know a few “rich” dentists and professionals that travel in groups to “exotic” places to shoot wild animals- but with these guys, they use a camera instead of a gun to take only pictures, and not bring heads home for trophies on their wall.

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OK, I remember that, I get the reference now.

Maybe I should have said, “Except for me”?

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I think the earth is already filled with a plethora of intelligent species. I don’t know if Mustafa and the rest of the gang will make it to the moon although you never know. I think ants, birds, Sasquatch, and deer are intelligent creatures in their own right. Anyways, akuna mahtata!

lol lol lol get over yourself. you’re not the only one. don’t forget Hillary Clinton. so there are 2.


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