Tie Guan Yin tea

I just got this tea and tried it for the first time in the hope of getting what they call ‘Tea drunk’. I put 5 grams in the little Bodum teapot and let it brew fro a few minutes. Apparently there are 3 types of tea that can do it. This is one of them.

I imbibed 2 small cups and waited to see if it worked. It definitely had a narcotic effect and lasted 15 minutes or so.

Stimuating stuff, has anybody else tried it?


What do you mean “narcotic effect” ? How did it make you feel ?

A little bit stoned without the paranoia, if you get paranoid that is. It affects the senses and relaxes you. A small buzz. The term is tea drunk, as there is no thc or cbd involved, nor alcohol for that matter.

I am looking for a safer alcohol alternative, even though i am a moderate drinker, I thought giving a tea that gives a buzz a viable alternative and chance. What did I have to lose? I think i may cut back and do this instead.


Interesting stuff !

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铁观音(茶叶) tie guan yin (cha ye)
literally = Iron Goddess of Mercy (tea leaves)

I’ve not drank the tea myself but is supposedly a top ranking tea according to Wikipedia.



Getting some aged pu erh tea next and some Da hong pao is in the post from China to see their effects too. :slight_smile:


How do you know that it’s safer? I can’t find any information on what the psychoactive substances in this tea are.

It’s a breed of oolong tea.

But do you know what the psychoactive substances are and/or if there’s been any research on the safety of this?


Oolong tea or alcohol? Most teas have l theanine in them so when it comes to interacting with aps there is research there.

It is not kava, or hallucinogenic.

So I guess I’ll take my chances. :slight_smile:

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It’s a risk. It obviously affects your brain in some way. But it’s your choice.

Is it “Tea Paradise”?

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It iis indeed. Not too pricey either. :slight_smile:

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