Throwing up almost every night

Im on clozapine. I never throw up during days, only during nights. I have been throwing up for 2-3 months now. They took blood tests for everything but found nothing, my results were normal. Could clozapine cause nightly puking? I started taking clozapine around 3 months ago

I looked up and yes it can cause that according to the Mayo Clinic


@ZmaGal My doctors refuse to believe this. They say it’s due to my poor diet. How could poor diet cause puking but only during nights. Also I have fasted for 4-5 hours before going to bed, no impact. Eat a sandwich an hour before going to bed, no impact. And when I was hospitalized I ate 5 times a day and didnt puke once until I started to take clozapine. It’s been going for months, I think my diet is ruled out as a potential cause


I get sick a lot.

Just vomit out of nowhere.

It’s anxiety for me.

Have you been feeling anxious the past few months?


@Charles_Foster No I have not. I have on other symptoms other than vomiting every night

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I was on Abilify and my hair started falling out.

I love my pdoc, but he denied, denied, denied it was the Abilify,

Despite the fact that I had done research and found it to be a proven side effect.

I stopped the Abilify and my hair isn’t falling out aggressively anymore.

Sometimes even good pdocs don’t listen.

I would keep bringing it up until they address it.

If it’s a specific time of night, maybe you can take anti nausea meds.


@Charles_Foster Im going to quit taking clozapine and see if I still vomit
When I started Abilify I almost passed out. Why are these meds so dangerous


I don’t suggest stopping clozapine abruptly or without your pdoc’s help.

That could hurt you too.


İts not so dangerous as chemicals.but its affect crucial parts of body which is brain.thats my 50 cent

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I’m sorry no one is acknowledging your efforts to rule out possible causes. And I’m sorry you’re vomiting every night. But don’t suddenly stop clozapine.

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Ok I will not quit taking the poison. I’ll keep vomiting indefinetely

I had acid reflux on clozeril bad. I’d carry antacid around with me always.

Today if I eat quiche the way I like it I fight throwing up all night. My quiche has a ridiculous amount of spicy mustard. I use a lot of mustard because it cooks out.

I started throwing up on clozapine, seroquel, and oral risperdal. I told my doctor and quit taking them.
The stomach dont tolerate something with some meds.

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If candida builds up in your body it can make you sick. Candida is a type of yeast that builds up when you eat I think a lot of carbs.

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Is clozapine bad for your liver? Sounds like a liver problem.

I’m sorry to say this but a girl I know is puking every day and that’s caused by Clozapine. She tried 3 antipsychotics at the same time and that didn’t work well. So my advice is ro stay on the Clozapine. I wish that I was young but I’m old I can’t change thar so I must live with that


When i was on clozapine i threw up in my sleep.

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If u quit wean off it. I quit 350mg overnight and felt like ■■■■ for a long time. Even withdrawing made me throw up. But that always happens when i quit antipsychotics.

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I dont think it’s about eating “too much carbs” because the vomiting started after I started taking clozapine. I didnt vomit when I was hospitalized even though I ate lots of carbs there without vomiting once.