Three positives to share with you

despite being run down by others in my life i still have my excellent self control and i am happy ab out that.

my sabbath is coming tonight and i will have peace in the home here.

i know i have a few things i can do to myself and enjoy, i just need to get up and do them. starting tomorrow.



Good for you Judy. Hope you are well. :blush:

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sezbot. thank you. no i am not real well but i am still trying to get there.

i am trying to change my attitude, namely, i cannot change the world, but i can change myself.

how are you doing?


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Hi Judy.

I’m sad to hear that others are running you down. It’s always a shame when it happens and I’m sure you deserve better treatment.
Shalom :sweat_smile:

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Attitude is everything so you’re on your way to doing well :slight_smile:

good luck with everything! I’m sure you’ll be able to get yourself to do everything you want.

thanks guys. i bet we will all do well in time.

i hope so.


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