Thoughts that override your own thoughts

Hello All,
I have thoughts that jump in to my head when I am talking to others. They tell me to stop talking, or not to trust the person I am talking with or point out my speech errors. They are mainly of a paranoid nature. The issue is that these thoughts stop my own trail of thought, and I can’t recall what I was talking about. To the person I am speaking to it looks like I have just halted mid sentence and stare straight ahead. Can any one relate to this?

I have intrusive thoughts all the time, but I guess over the years I’ve been able to work around them, for the most part.Sometimes thoughts/images pop into my head out of no-where and can be distracting. Its just one of the things I’ve had to learn to live with due to schizophrenia.

Thank you. When I mentioned it with the Dr she quickly upped my medication. She seemed more concerned about it then I am lol. So it just got me thinking.

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