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Thoughts on 'cute but psycho' shirts?


I see them in a lot of stores, and I absolutely hate them. I think it fetishizes our illness into something that’s ‘edgy’ and ‘trendy’. Whenever I see someone wearing one I have to talk myself out of hating that person because I don’t know for sure if they are actually psychotic or not. I couldn’t imagine wearing one even if it is true because I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was trying to look cool. I came across a neat idea though that I agree with


I’m glad I’m not the only person who can’t stand those shirts. it’s just so distasteful.


Psycho is that short for psychotic or psychopath?

This is two different diagnoses?

There is another shirt I have seen that says “we are all mad here” and it could be the cat in Alice in wonderland.

I believe one can have a sense of humour even about ones suffering and agony but perhaps only if one is humble and understanding and respectful to it .


That’s the thing, a lot of normies who wear stuff like this don’t even know the difference! As far as there concerned it’s the same thing. I understand the Alice in wonderland stuff, I just hate the idea that some able minded girl who hasn’t dealt with psychosis can wear a shirt like that while I’m still struggling to tell my family members and friends… wish it was as easy as wearing a ‘cute but psycho’ top.


IMG_0731 @Zilija1 I believe they mean psychotic there’s a lot of these types of shirts


I reckon the perception of how a shirt is perceived is based off the culture and country you’re in plus the timeframe. I’ve worn many silly t-shirts since I moved to Sydney I must admit haha but I thought it would bring out the best in people but instead it got mixed feelings from different people. I suppose the moral of the story is wear something that’s fun but will keep you out of trouble too!


Can’t stand them.

Wearing this stuff should be classed as a mental illness in and of itself.


Hits too close to home. At least you know those people wearing the “Crazy” apparel are not Dx’d with anything they’d advertise on their front.
On the other hand, it makes being Dx’d more main stream and that’s a step in the right direction in being more accepted.


Well, its certainly cool in pop culture to be psychotic, look at the way the characters in that movie “Suicide Squad” were mainstreamed. Its cutesy and trendy until something like a mass shooting or something goes down. So, Beat them at their own game like Harley Davidson did. They came out with shirts that said, “I own a Harley, not just a T-Shirt” So, Meme a T-shirt that says, “I have Psychosis, not just a cute T-Shirt” Lol, sales of the trendy shirts would drop like the poser’s jaws when they saw it. Sorry for my bizarreness.
Edited to add- I just thought, maybe they are advocating and owning the whole “that girl is a total psycho” or “my ex is psycho” perpetrated by jilted lovers everywhere. I mean, i don’t think it was meant as an intentional poke at us, but more as an “According to HIM, i am cute but psychotic” I don’t know, maybe over analysing. I am often wrong.


Stupid consumerism millennial ■■■■.


:joy::100::eyeglasses::tshirt::jeans::ring::trophy::mega::coffee: that sum it up?


I used to have one of the ‘we’re all mad here’ T-shirts when I was an edgy 16 year-old emo.

I wouldn’t wear anything like that now though… wearing clothes that glorify mental illness just makes people look like twats in my opinion (yes I’m calling my younger self a twat).


i dont like them but maybe it makes us look less threatening, maybe it is good for the stigma around it.


I these people wear those shirts because they want to look dangerous, unpredictable and fearsome.
Don’t know how this is supposed to fight the stigma…


I think the shirts are just trashy and in poor taste.

Why not: I’m Cute with sexy voices in my head


Yeah cuz i see tons of young so called “influencers” on instagram wearing it. So yeah, a millenial “look at me im crazy but in a sexy way” ■■■■. Another trend of poeticising the illness.


I always hated the Hot Topic tees that said things like “the voices in my head don’t like you” and similar stuff.

They were crazy popular when I was in school and it pissed me off every time,

Now I don’t really care.

If you want to wear a white trash t-shirt, that’s on you.

It is offensive, but I feel like it reflects more on the person wearing it than “psychos”.


Yeah, i do notice it doesn’t say “Cute and Mentally Ill”


Who would buy a tshirt that said “I’m mentally ill-and everyone else is exhausted!”
No one.


"I’m cute but I hate everyone around me, why are you reading my shirt? ■■■■ off!’

Now that’s a shirt I bet would sell.