I want a stop telepathy t shirt


I try my best not to believe what I’m experiencing but I fail. Delusional thinking is part of the illness. The voices plague me when I’m alone and I get telepathically psychoanalyzed whenever I’m around people. Try my best to put it out of my mind but it always fights back, then I think I’m hearing people actually say ■■■■. Anyone else feel like a thought broadcaster? It puts so much pressure on me to control my mind and the best I can do is shut down. I’m getting better at it. They made things a lot worse before I got better.


It would be made entirely of foil-tin foil I’d suspect.
Nah, think it would be to scratchy to be worn long enough to be effective, don’t ya thik?


When I first started hearing voices I wrapped my head in tin foil to no avail. F those days.

I just want a shirt that says it “stop telepathy.”


…and on the back put:
You don’t listen to me anymore!


Or just don’t listen to me anymore or stop reading my mind or stop sending me messages


I always thought a bumper sticker idea would be “schizophrenics do it crazier” haha hey nick @77nick77 are you on a benzo that long? Is that right? that would be one hell of a monkey on your back? I hope you are o k with the med ?


This benzo is non-addictive. It passes out of your system in a day, I’m told.


How about - Keep it to Yourself. That might draw some unwanted attention…


I like it that’s a lot more subtle.


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