Thought perception

Here I have a big issue. Its a big delusion that I have thoughts that come to me through my voices… They bring things to my attention and I am supposed to listen to them they can be good things and bad. I gave up listening to the bad ideas and did do the good ones. I also think this is called thought inception. and someone should write on it. its unique as well as thought broadcasting and intrusive thoughts and feeling people reading my mind while i’m around them,

Best to do what you want to do and follow your own moral compass! :slight_smile: it’s good that you don’t listen to the bad ones! You know in your heart what’s right :slight_smile: I have the same thing

Feel like people put thoughts in my mind too, they only leave when there’s nothing to see. I hope they will leave I don’t feel like myself. Just want a quiet existence.

hmm…“thought inception”. I have never heard that term before. I think that happens to me. Like planting a seed deeply and letting it grow roots.

There’s also something called “thought reception” where you receive other people’s thoughts into your brain. You just “know” what other’s are thinking. And it’s all bad, and it’s all about you. I had that all of my life until recently. It was pure torture for me to have this thought reception all of those years. I am finally free of it.

That is very interesting. I have never heard those terms. I believe that these scientists (controlling my brain)can put a thought in my subconscious like planting a seed. I will then believe it until they take it away. I thought I was pregnant for 6 months. Was totally convinced. Then one morning, I woke up and bam, I knew I wasn’t pregnant. Might sound silly but I went from fully believing it to knowing it wasn’t true in an instant. It wasn’t gradual, it was like a finger snap. I have believed other things too. Sincerely believed them. And, in an instant, the belief goes away.

I have this. It’s not always bad thoughts though. Sometimes neutral or compassionate thoughts. Insights others have had.