Thought broadcasting

I’ve proved it’s real does medication work for anyone who knows it’s real or no because I’m on the verge of killing myself id rather be dead than have this can someone please give me answers

I know it is difficult, I go through this too, mine is scary I wish I can turn back time or erase certain people, I am being abused by people I have never met, they are cruel and inhumane. it is kind of like telepathy, and I feel posessed at the same time

I have someone telling my neighbors who are for some reason not in my head everything I think it prevents my psychosis from getting better this is why I want a cure he screwed with my brain

There is definitely a solution! Please don’t kill yourself.

A short theory for why this happens is that the schizophrenic brain is inflamed enough to generate excessive amounts of adrenaline, which oxidizes to adrenochrome, leading to psychedelic experiences like thought broadcasting, hallucinations, or ideas of reference.

The solution appears to be dealing with the symptoms directly, as with antipsychotics and maybe Amyloban 3399 (thread here) and doing what you can to repair the blood brain barrier, so that brain inflammation can be minimized, and symptoms can diminish.

My favourite approach to stabilizing the blood-brain barrier is “hydrogen water”, which this study shows is effective for that. It also reduces TBARS, which are the biomarker for inflammation, by 43%, which is pretty huge (study here.)

Other means of stabilizing the blood-brain barrier are wheat avoidance (wheat increases the amount of zonulin protein, which disrupts the gut lining and blood-brain barrier, making them more permeable), dairy avoidance, soda / junk food avoidance, and eating more fresh fruit and veg. These are anti-inflammatory, pro-antioxidant approaches.

I’ve been pursuing that kind of life for 2 and 1/2 months, and my recovery is pretty pronounced. My chronic headache is around 1/4th as bad as before, and my voices fluctuate from being totally mute, to barely audible (depending on how inflamed my brain feels.) Today my brain inflammation felt pretty good, so I haven’t plateaued.

The amount of “secret messages” I’ve been receiving has declined since pursuing that anti-neuroinflammation lifestyle.

It also helps to have noise-isolating headphones (love Bose Quietcomfort 20s) and minimize live TV / live radio time. I just listen to pre-recorded stuff, and my “secret message” episodes are minimized.

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SZ is a neurological disorder, meaning the brain doesnt properly communicate with the body.

I dont think it has anything to do with the state of the brain itself.

Thanks for the help I wasn’t planning on ending it was just a thought you really think it’s brain inflammation? Has it helped your thought broadcasting at all?

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