Those who suffer from OCD

What helps you? I currently been constantly overthinking 24/7 about HIV infection type cobtamination OCD. Not sure how do I stop it, I got tested ages ago and havent tested since again, because I havent had a partner for 5 years now. I read that HIV takes at least 2 weeks to be detected. My partner said that she did not test positive for HIV, she got tested 4 times after. After the intercourse I have just kissed few girls and thats it. I also cant remember if I had severe HIV phase, I just remember previously I gad a bad flu, but no rash or enlargement of the lymph nodes. Its been 5 years since the intercourse I had. These thoughts are making me disabled, all day 24/7 i think about them. I thinking of returning to lexapeo to treat it. Any thoughts?

I think obsessing over it when it’s highly unlikely is an OCD thing.

But this can be quickly squashed by just getting tested.

It’s easy.

Its not just a thought or two a day, its constant 24/7. If I eliminate this thought, another will rise, my OCD thoughts keep switching

CBT really helped me with my OCD.

It’s been a real game changer.

I’ve never been diagnosed with OCD, but I have had a few quirks throughout my life which were probably OCD. Having to do things an even number of times or whatever. Having to tie my shoelaces in a certain order…etc etc…weird stuff like that. I don’t really think about these things much anymore. I pretty well recovered over time, I think.

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