This really sucks

I had an awsome idea years ago. I even drew it and designed it…Now everyone is getting a form of it…

It was a computer built into the insides of a desk…

Damn it…

Next time I wont tell or show anyone, and patent the damn thing…

I feel like a royally lost…

Years ago I thought that creating roof tiles for houses that contain solar cells could be a good thing, and a money maker!

Elon Musk is doing it now, so will have to think of something else.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a bottomless pit of cash to convert all ideas into a reality if it permits

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here was my idea someone else built… arghhhh!!!

I don’t think that’s a unique idea. Many people would have thought of something like that. It’s a simple innovation.

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Maybe your right… Maybe it was too common idea.

I’m sure there’s still plenty of stuff to innovate. If you do create something new, patent it and find an investor.

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I built one in a drawer years ago a very old 486dx. Didnt ventilate it very well tho - so the power supply blew it up lol.

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