This might sound very trivial or very superficial,

because its about my house pants.

I have had some house pants, Which i was very happy with.
because in a way i thought it made me somewhat look cool.
I apperently stopped wearing them everyday.
And forgot about them for some time.
When suddenly triggered by an possible event, that i might needed them.
“like when your not dressed properly and need some clothing fast”
i recalled the associated memory of them.

So i searched for it, turned my house upside down.
only comming to the conclussion that it was nowhere too be found.
The first thought that came up was that someone had entered my house
and took it from me.
Which is kinda ruled out because i change my frontdoor
locks every now and then.
I have tried too think of other possebilities, and it is a possibility
that they didnt have even excisted.
But thats so so way weird even more so than a dellusion or dream state.
Since i can remember the feel of the fabric, the look in the mirror
recalling it in multiple situations albeit flashes of memory.

So is this an example of false memory, delusion, or even a vivid dream?
or did someone took it from me.

hope that someone can share shed some light on this…

Well no one is 100% safe, people will have access to you if they wish, we all have our angels and demons.

yes i now know some more"or at least pretend too know".
yet the knowing raises more confussion, and questions.

questions and perceptions that i dont know off but could be applied.
im here physical but also mentally there, i feel that im scattered everywhere.
except at the places where my pants is.

i do still believe they ""my pants"are out there somewhere…

If you do your laundry in a laundromat, they might have been taken. If you do your laundry at home, they might be hiding in the floor of a closet, or somewhere that you wouldn’t expect them.

There was a time I lost my shoes in the freezer. It took me a long time to find them.

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thanks for you answhere
i appreciate your thinking about it, and thus helping me out.

I do the laundry @ home, my floor is concrete with some parquet.
I would notice a big hump when something is underneath it.
and i have only one big wall closet that i have searched. yet i could try too
search it again.


i have a fairy who steals socks, only one of them…i bet they have made a fairy house made of socks…my socks…and they are wily, they only take non holey ones.
take care

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I hate sock fairy’s. They always take my socks. Never two at a time, just one. So there is always a spare one just sitting there reminding me that they’ve struck again.

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I have had similar experiences missing a favorite article of clothing after I haven’t thought of it for awhile. All of a sudden, it’s “I wonder what happened to that dress or that jersey” and I have no answer.
Cops have a lot of idle time and they cruise around and know all the secrets of getting into a home without breaking and entering. I settled the issue in my mind by deciding some bored cops stole them. Just have to accept it as a loss.

yes Chordy that could be plaussible, i once had an locksmith
“because i had montaged my lock in a wrong way”
But he could open the door in a jiffy without damaging the lock or door.
the police or a shadow organisation must know the same techniques.
so thank you for your realistic answere.
Yet i must say im also a bit intrigued by those sock fairy`s.