Something weird

I had once been very delusional, but not all things happened at that time can be explained as paranoid thinking. At that time I was separated with my husband and was living on my own. A lot of strange things happened to me. One of those were my keys and handbag were missing from where it was. I looked for them everywhere in the house but was in vain. I told my son about this who was living in another city. My son said you must be paranoid again. He insisted nothing happened. He was right. About one week later my keys and my handbag reappeared in the house.

Now from the hindsight, I was wondering if I had visual hallucination so that I could not see my keys and carry bag which were exactly located where they were used to be? Or did someone really intrude into my house and made harassment to me?.. This experience was creepy and I am weird.

I will seek for explanation whenever possible. For everything else, there are demonic spirits to blame on. They truly exist. What I must say, is try to break free from religious myths with accurate knowledge, or the truth.

I am a laymen Buddhist. I don’t believe there are demons or spirits in this world. Demons and spirits sounds scary and chaotic .

Could you have misplaced them, and then when not thinking one day put them back?

This is not possible. First, I have a habit of placing items to a regular spot especially about keys, handbag and purse. Second, even if I had misplaced them, I had searched for them everywhere in the house for about a week. I had looked at any possible spot for my keys and handbag. They were missing for a week not just for 2 or 3 days. That’s why I said it’s a creepy experience.

When I think back on the ideation that I experienced what I try to understand and in my opinion believe to be true is that it is my very mind which is lying to me. Let’s say you were a scientist and you had 3 scientific tools like Geiger counters. Two of them said that there was low levels or nonexistent radiation and the third said there was high radiation. So you can assume the third Geiger counter is faulty. So you don’t believe the faulty tool.

In the instance of a Geiger counter, you would throw it away and get a new one. Or maybe have it repaired. I don’t know what they do with bad ones. You can’t throw away your brain. Also instead of being completely faulty, your brain is only sometimes faulty. So instead you have to use the scientific tool with the understanding that sometimes it is faulty. Your brain is the very tool with which you store and use information. If that information is suspect then anything you think happened can be suspect as well.

I don’t know if there are aliens, demons, or angels. I have my personal beliefs but those are for me only and I try to never push them on people. But if, not even as a schizophrenic but just as a person who understands even normal people have faulty mental input and storage, I saw an angel or demon I’d say move along pal I need to get to the grocery store or go visit my sister or whatever.

I don’t know what the strange things that happened to you were. They could be real and I can’t prove or disprove them. I do know that you are an intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful person in a bad spot. Humans are naturally curious. We want to make sense out of everything. But as a schizophrenic maybe we have to accept that we can’t.

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Strange things happen all to often. It’s only those of us who want to understand our environment that makes us a bit…um…well, nuts(?) trying to figure out the reason.


I’m the same as you but mine seems to be a bit more frequent, every now and again something will go missing and then come back a short while after. I look and look everywhere for the object but can never seem to find it and when I stop thinking about it the object reappears, it’s rather odd. It also occurs with my drinks they are full and then I come back 10 minutes later and it’s only half full, I believe I drink it unconsciously and thats also what i think happens to my belongings. Some part of my brain just cancels the object out and the more i think about it the harder it becomes to see, it’s like spot the difference the harder you look the less you see sort of thing. I don’t know exactly what happened to your bag and keys but this is just my guess.

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If those beliefs are from the only true source, it has no harm, in fact, it has good effect on people if we share the beliefs. We show respect for someone’s belief if the person refuses to accept. Out of love, is not it in the first place we will spread the words and reach out to those who listen?

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I think it’s what you suggest. You looked “through” them without actually “seeing” them. I don’t have sz and I can do that. Funnily, it’s the most “normal” things that you look through. I suppose it’s a mechanism to stop our brains becoming overloaded with visual information. What I do now, when I can’t find something is to deliberately stop, calm down, tell myself that I am looking through whatever it is, then start again looking. I usually find it then. In my family, it’s quite OK to ask someone else to help with this. We actually say, “I can’t find my keys/bag etc. I must be looking through them. Can you help me find them?” Honestly, I think it’s a common thing to happen.

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