This is your brain on Sugar



First I’ll conquer smoking… Then I’ll make sure to work on conquering my sweet tooth. Thank you for posting this.


Ah the ceaseless wonders of the human form, it just never stops giving.


Thanks for sharing this. I definitely have a sweet tooth.


only way i can sleep,
is if i completely eliminate sugar,
all carbs, yeah the tomato sauce,
no fruit, no bread, no beans even, that’s a carb.
diet is exclusively raw vegetables,
there are 20 to 30 in my diet, it isn’t only broccoli,

after watching the cartoon,
guess that makes sense,
dopaminergic /glycominergic system broken,
the sugar leaks out into hallucinations,

i’ve had this problem on and off crisis mode for 32 years,
about 10 years in is when i - out of desperation,
and certainly after trying alot of other routes,
decided to cut everything off,
i had just kicked my wife out and thrown out all the furniture,
i figured i had to fix this by cutting off all sense of pleasure,

like i get way too much of it,
on my own i’m having way too much fun,
so plan was no reading, no tv,
no radio, no food, i had only one apple a day,
remeber sitting there at the bay window
in the empty house, eating the apple,
and sure enough in a few days that fixed the crisis;

to this day i know how to do it,
got it on youtube called “antiparasitic crunch”,

nepomuk onderdonk,

that’s the diet,
zero sugar zero dopamine,
zero hallucinations,
calm down the crisis mode,

if you notice,
that’s exactly what the city crisis centers do to you
if you go in there all hysterical, in crisis,
they take your clothes, wash you and put you
in a clean stone building, no bugs like in your wooden houses,
either a stone hospital or a stone jail,
the dust mites can do the work of the devil out here in the wooden homes you know,
but yeah, they wash you, and start feeding you some 1300 calorie a day very bland food.
jail knows not to let you have coffee, psych hospitals are ridiculously stupid and lax,
they should see this video, cut the caffeine and cigarrettes, and then the deserts,
but jail does it, they give no coffee no soda no desert,
so there you go, cure everybody’s sugar problems right away at santa rita,

and when i have to i know how to do the same thing.
i can keep the diet for up to a couple of months before i fall off the wagon.
you’d be surprised, cause you think you get your strength,
or your mental power, from pizza, from carbs, from sugar,
but you’d be surprised,
i can completely maintain mental and physical peak performance,
i do kinda maybe a little delusionally think that at 48 i am pretty much at my mental and physical peak,
don’;t think i was ever really trying in the early years,
i don;t heal as quickly i notice, but i work way harder at being healthy and strong,
so, guess the diet is ok, but it lacks a certain… psychotic element to it, so…

eventually, you know,
i drink some tea or some beer or wine,
and go out for pancakes
and chicken and pizza
and i get addicted,
and i get pretty sick,
and i try again to fix it,
and it always gets harder and takes longer.