This is when men will MARRY sex robots says author in shock claim

OK. Good for them. :slight_smile:

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OMG Too funny!! … :joy:


Sorry but if you marry a robot then you are thick.

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Thats dumb… we need robot body parts… they made a sleeve that goes over your heart…will keep it running indefinitely… if they combine that with the new energy harvesters…that turn stress into electricity my ticker would never fail me… but no…we gonna fund and talk about dam sexbots first…

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I really wish they get better, people lose too much time on dating…

LOL it’s already happened though? They’ve been in documentaries?

lol. I saw a news article where they were putting vocals into sex dolls. They hoped to reach a point where you could have a conversation with a sex doll! Like seriously wtf???

I thought that was the whole point of sex with a robot- they didn’t talk!


Yeah go figure! All a little bit creepy for this old gent!

I want nothing to do with it. Sorry.

Why would you marry a robot? You know robots don’t have feelings lol

The fembots are coming Mr. Powers…

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