This is the night crew

This is the start of the night shift. I am just a night owl and have always been. As a little kid I would read almost all night then be to tired to go to school. Also I work until 10:30 and that is when I am most active. I just turn my radio on and work on my hobby.

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I’m a night owl too… or should I say “hoo”


I usually get off work around the same time as you do, unless it’s busy, (delivery driver), then I can make more money. I’ve started to go and work out after work too, which is pretty fun. I’m I usually in bed around 5 or 6

I just like being by myself late at night. It is so relaxing. My wife usually retires before I do and I just stay up. The radio late at night plays some good tunes. I thought of a courier job but I have night blindness and afraid I would hit something.

S’up Night Crew! Yo!

Night shift rules…Day shift drools! :wink:

I’ve had about 5 delivery driver jobs in the past. All of them are good memories. Now I’m a night security guard. My favorite delivery gig was when I was living in California.

I hope the night crew is getting along ok. I haven’t posted on here for a week and missed reading all the posts. I would like to just tell everyone hang in there and do what you are supposed to do, and it will get better. I hit rock bottom twice in my life and never had anything, it just seems when you have this illness, you will not be wealthy. If it were not for my Mom and my one sister, I probably would not be writing this. My Mom always told me to keep going! I understand that now.

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I guess that’s true about not being wealthy. I can work, but not a stressful job. I am starting to run into money problems with my student loans. It’s another worry I don’t need.

I am up late tonight. Is everyone prepared for the holidays? I can say one thing, it can be a depressing time if you let it be that way. I get depressed because I have no money to be able to spend on gifts or to spend on myself. My family has been real understanding. It is rough being poor. Except you have to count your blessing as I have a roof over my head, have food to eat, and rescued two cats from out Animal shelter.