Night shift

I only worked nights one time in my life. for a year at this dry goods grocery distribution warehouse. it was a madhouse, in a year I was the 2nd longest tenured employee on the crew. there were so many interesting characters that came out for night shift. I remember this one guy, he was addicted to tobacco and because we weren’t allowed to smoke he would ride around chewing and sucking on a cigar.

I remember one night he stopped me when I was in the middle of working, and started talking about somebody should make a movie about the place. he says clint eastwood should play him. he looks at me and says "do you feel lucky’ “punk”. I just laughed and went on with my work.

I’m tempted to go back to night shifts sometimes but my sleep quality isn’t as good during the day. I don’t know maybe ill try it again for my ticket to work.


my dad went to the bmv today and got signed up for his real id license. anybody else heard about this? it’s got a star on it and allows you to fly. I guess they’re requiring it for all flights in the united states by 2020.

I don’t think I’m going to get one, Im afraid of flying. dad tried to talk me into it though


I don’t want to travel anymore, to much of a hassle, maybe short road trips but no more flying for me


that’s how I am. my family is all spread out though Arizona Colorado florida and Indiana. I don’t think I’m going to visit anybody unless I feel like it, if they wanted to be in my life they shouldn’t have moved away.

my mom and dad go visit everybody a couple times a year. when that happens, I stay behind and drink my wine by myself. but I just quit drinking a couple weeks ago, so now ill have to find something else to do


my beloved Cincinnati reds lost again. 1-5 record to start the season. rooting for a loser doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ve been listening to all the games radio broadcasts over the internet. I like it. then I get to analyze the box score and decides who sucks and who doesn’t as the stats pile up.

in baseball, people always talk about small sample sizes when evaluating talent

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I should probably not stay up all night again. going to service tomorrow morning. my dad’s preaching on dedication. he was asked to fill in he’s not a preacher but he’s been going to church religiously for awhile now. he said he was surprised that he got asked to do it.

I’d be nervous af, but he seems fine. I got a feeling he’s going to ramble trying to get to the point. its no big deal really, not that many people come to the services anymore

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do you wake up refreshed like everyday is a new day? or do your days run together? most of my posts only stick with me for a day and by the next day I’ve moved on to something else. so bad days aren’t so bad, but I’m starting to wonder if my moving on from things is hurting me in a way, even though I think of them as good days?

so it cost me 300 dollars to get my record clean so I can get my license back. I ended up having to pay the seat belt ticket from 5 years ago and then a administration fee to get me off the national database of suspended violations.

I’m still a little nervous about getting my license back. they ask the question if you have physical or mental disabilities. to which I answered no, which is almost the truth right now. my doc and therapist both think I’m “in remission”. anyways I can go back to the bmv in 72 hours and try to get my license back.

I really won’t drive much, just to school/work, grocery, and appointments. after time away from driving I get much more nervous just riding in cars let alone driving.

anybody had trouble getting a driver’s license with schizophrenia diagnosis?

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