This is old but cool


What are you supposed to see? It’s not working for me.

i see jesus,very good

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I seen Jesus too

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Wow! You just blew my mind. That is scary.

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Very Freaky - pretty cool!

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The fact that I don’t see Jesus even after being told that I should, does that make me some kind of soulless freak? :smiley:

no, it doesn’t. i’m not religious and I see an image of Jesus.

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Yeah, me too. The popular image of Jesus. Some people believe it’s the image of Leonardo da Vinci ? Michaelangelo ? One of those Renaissance men.

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now that was COOL. I loved it. Thank you so much.

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Cesare Borgia you mean:

I read that the face impression on the shroud of Turin is the face taken to be the face of Jesus. And that whichever the inventor artist had developed a method of photography way back then with which he could project images on cloth, etc. And he created the ‘shroud of turin’ himself with his own image on it. I read this in a book about mary magdeline and secret knowledge + secret societies. So how well founded the information - I don’t know. But how well founded is commonly held historical religious knowledge I don’t know either.

Cesare Borgia, was he before Leonardo da Vinci?

They were alive around the same time period. Da Vinci was born earlier and died later than Cesare. Cesare Borgia’s father was Pope Alexander VI.

It could be that Cesare was also a member of a secret society. There were many creative people around that time who followed them. They were secret by necessity, because they would be labeled heretics I think + die. It would be especially risky and exciting, I would think for someone like Cesare. Therefore all the symbolism + secret signs - keeping the knowledge visible for those who understood it.

One interesting thine I read and saw was - in Leonardo’s The Last Supper there was a lady at the table - next to Jesus - Mary Magdelene - a hidden message of the artist’s.

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merry Christmas all

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