This illness ravages us all

I often wonder not about the things i would have been able to do but how i would see the world had this illness not taken me.

I also would have accomplished a lot. But its almost as if my perception is missing a certian element. A certian lens that makes things clearer to me.

It is tragic and a pity. But its pretty cool how much we overcome and find a way to cope and live.

One thing i never lost was my understanding.


Sz sux. Really does but I’ve an uncle with Parkinsons. Now that really sux.

All’s I’m saying. I do well on meds and it is what it is. Yeah. Been compromised in relationships and work and all those things that most others do but I honestly have no regrets with life. I did what I could when I could and I desire to live as good a life as I can always…Even with setbacks and constraints.


I just ravaged a bowl of popcorn.


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