This guy from my country

He is married and yesterday I found out that he has recently got a baby.
Should I talk to him at some point and tell him he has been on my mind or should I not.
I feel like maybe I should.

I have recently messaged him on facebook LOL before I even knew about his baby.
But we aint friends on facebook anyways so maybe he did not even see the messages.

It’s not easy to describe my feelings for him.
For a start I barely know him.
I have imagined him inside of me stuff like that, not so often though.
I just feel some intense feeling for him and I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s some kind of love.

@anon90843118 No! Seriously no! I don’t like to talk too much with married women


But if I do then I can maybe move on, what do you think. As in he wont be on my mind the same way anymore, the whole thing will just become deflated, maybe.

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I don’t know… sounds inapropiate for me. You could talk to him but it’s still weird. Just my opinion. I dont know what advice to offer you. Maybe others could help


It is weird but I mean my life is kind of on hold because of this in a way because I think about what he thinks about everything I do!
I don’t see what harm it could do.

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I like young single women. Married ladies are a turn off for me :smile: Oh and I must run away :rofl:

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@anon92887483, why not?

Am i being very inconsiderate in some way??? If I do.
I don’t feel it’s sexual though
but I’m not sure until I see him. If I decide to.lolsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

So you wanna bang him, but hes married ? Lol


Well even if he wasn’t married or married, I’m not sure.
Kind of. But in reality no.

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Wtf @anon90843118 this dude is off limits! Stop, by throwing yourself at this guy is truly a poor choice on your part, and ■■■■■■■ stupid on his part. Cmon imagining him inside of you? Take a cold shower, and leave the dude alone!

Edit I have dude friends, but that’s the extent. Pm if you want hun, like all yourbthreads are about sex, but half the time you say you don’t enjoy it…talk to your psychiatrist. Ya are manic as ■■■■


hes already taken, its a sworn promise. you wouldn’t want him to break that. You just have to think, how would you feel if someone tried to do that to you. Just leave it alone, theres plenty of fish in the sea! :slight_smile:


a cold shower doesn’t make it go away though. What can I do to make it go away

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i don’t want to ■■■■ someone and be thinking of him to make it better sex
cos that isnt actually better sex at the end of the day

Talk to your psychiatrist

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How are your food issues, how’s your med regimen. I’d examine what’s going on with you. Also, do you have a vibrator?

I think maybe I can get over him sexually if I talk to him. Maybe