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This guy has some kind of insight and control of dogs, and he has been using his dogs to threaten me in very demeaning ways. At one time he had gotten his dogs to keep me out of the residential care facility, where I lived. Anyway, he was up to his old tricks, and I managed to disrupt the loyalty of the dog he was he was using against me by giving him this large turkey leg, covered in meat and with a large bone in the middle, and the dog was overjoyed to get it, and it blunted the hostility of that dog towards me, instilled by his master. Also, I have been carrying pepper spray in my pocket, and the dog can smell that, and it keeps him at bay. I would never pepper spray a dog unless the circumstances were dire, for a number of reasons, but the scent of the pepper spray in my pocket does keep the dog off of me. This guy acts like it is an outrage that I would defend myself against his dogs. His sole motivation is that he thinks I am going to get a large amount of money, and he expects me to give most of my the money he thinks I am going to get to him. I find the effrontery of that astounding. If we don’t get onto another course we could find ourselves in an intractable situation.

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Why on earth would anyone think they would get some of your money?

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dude, I think you are unstable a bit…nobody is after your money.


It is something they can’t resist. Maybe a little bit of their situation I can have sympathy for, but most of their angst is because they feel sorry for themselves because of the possessions of many people today that they can’t afford. It breaks their heart that they can’t have an SUV. Also, where all of us are right now is not bad, but when we get so feeble we’re headed to the nursing home the situation gets grim. Medicare nursing homes are not great places to live. If I could find a way to make sure I didn’t go to one of those places I would perfectly happy with only a small amount of money.

Are you really getting some money?

I doubt it. They’re trying to induce me to take money on a very degrading basis. I feel like I have a very good civil case, but they’re lying their ass off about the facts of the matter, and all the developments so far tell me they are going to keep lying. I’ll just hold out as long as I can in each different situation, and then move on to another one when the situation becomes untenable.

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hope things are okay, Crimby, after giving doggie a turkey bone,
but actually I’m not sure if that really good for a dog.

in all my doggie business, I’ve never had a mean one.

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