Maybe this is normal

So the ugly loser upstairs. He sees everything as a contest. I’m in my own apartment and I was thinking of this girl I knew a little in the group home when I was 19. One day I was sitting in my room and she walked in and sat right next to me and started coming on to me. And I was sitting in my living room now trying to think of reminisce about that. And the sick liar turns it into a power struggle and starts messing with my mind. Not everything is a power struggle. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and if I’m sitting enjoying having a calm mind I’m not trying to have power over anybody but the predator upstairs turns it into a contest over who’s the most sane. WTF? This lowlife loser. It’s no use talking to him about it. He’ll just lie and deny it. None of this should have happened, I’m in my own apartment. He says he’s leaving in a month, it won’t pass by fast enough. Mind games.

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I really don’t understand @77nick77 . Are you saying that he was somehow interfering with your thoughts about a girl you used to know? What did he do that is upsetting you?

Either way, he will be gone in a month. Hopefully your new neighbor won’t cause you the same distress.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Of course he didn’t know I was thinking of this particular girl. I don’t know exactly what he was picking up on. I guess If I I’m happy, in his warped mind he perceives that as a threat. I hope something really bad happens to him.

He wouldnt know whether your happy or not. You might just be thinking he would know.

I’m not exactly sure how to respond to that. But I would suggest you just ignore him as best you can for the next month. I really hope that he moves out without any incidents and your problems with him are solved. A month goes by pretty fast and then you can part ways.


Oh boy, you’re definitely having a tough night. Many (((hugs))) to you, friend.



I had an old roommate that had this type of thinking.

He thought anytime the guy upstairs moved he was purposely trying to make his life hell.
He would think he was coughing on purpose or slamming a door to make him more angry.

And then that guy moved out.

The next guy moved in and everythings ok for a bit but then the same scenario would happen till the guy moved out and a new one moved in.

Its a paranoid style of thinking that everyone is out to get you.
Like delusion of persecution i think its called.


Yes. This is exactly what I was thinking too @77nick77 . I hope that I am wrong, but if you have similar issues with your new neighbor, remember this conversation. Maybe it will help ground you.


I think we all just figured out Mr. Nick77.

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Did you hear auditory hallucinations about it? Some people seem to have esp. I know people never want me to have normal emotions or enjoyable emotions. They just want everything to be about some sick agenda they have for everyone. Their perception of reality, they want people to experience is disgusting.

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