I'm pretty sure I want to move to Texas

I’ve been researching moving there. They have a 211 24/7 phone number that helps you with mental illness and/or substance abuse. Here pdoc’s are scarce, but in San Antonio where I was focusing on there are plenty of them. I called the help line and they told me it doesn’t take anytime at all to get in with my Medicare Insurance.

I been calling places like pharmacies, grocery stores, phone and cable, and I’m impressed so far. I haven’t made a final decision, but I like what I see so far. Just being able to get in to a pdoc is a big +.


One of the reasons I moved to Arizona was because of their healthcare system down here. I got an SMI determination and got in with a clinic within two weeks. I hope if you move to Texas you find great healthcare as well!


There are some real nice cities in Texas. I’ve been to quite a few of them growing up.


I’ve been to 10+ States in the US but never to Texas. To me it would be a too conservative area to live in but maybe you will like it. Definitely a lot of sunshine.


Thanks Jonathan2. Where I’m at is pretty conservative too.


I think I told you once my main criteria for a residence, a good grocery store and a pharmacy within a short walking distance. Make sure you get sunlight in your apartment. I spent some time in an apartment in this building that was facing north and even in the summer it got zero sunlight. I would so not like that!


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