Thinking of drugs in a more positive outlook

At NAMI we really don’t mention the negativity about drugs because it could prevent people from taking their medication. Should we implement a similar policy here?

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Really? :neutral_face:

Yeah I agree what they are saying to an extent but some people have really bad side effects from medication. An example is clozapine because it can have life threatening side effects.


Let’s not deal with reality when your talking about an illness that causes you to loose touch with reality. That’s exactly what your doing when you can’t talk about what is wrong with the medication.

I think there is reason why where I am that the government (U.S.) requires companies to disclose side effects.

I don’t think this forum should dismiss people’s claims but I do believe that we shouldn’t discourage drug use unless it causes serious side effects. Any input?

What do you think @moderators

Any inputs thought this would be an interesting thing to discuss just hope it doesn’t cause a controversy

Our policy is that we’re pro med, and antipsychiatry or discouraging effective treatments is not OK. But we still welcome everyone, including those who choose not to use APs, and do not remove negative information about side-effects of APs.

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That’s for the feedback @anon9798425

Should I close this thread?

Not unless you want it closed. It’s fine with me if you don’t.

Yeah let’s close it don’t want to cause a controversy