Thinking about some of the folk I met on the wards over the years

There was a real pretty girl from Africa - she was beautiful.

There was another girl who liked me but I didn’t think it would it would be appropriate to get with a fellow patient (certainly whilst both in hospital at the time). Or maybe we should have gone out. She was sound but had a substance problem.

Then there was a guy who was horrible - I mean real nasty. He tried to fight me.

I wonder where all these people are now.


I’ve met all the types!


I remember an old-timer on my ward who probably should have been in geriatrics but I was convinced he was the sun god and I was the moon. So I had to spend most of the time walking in circles around him in the day room. I must have really annoyed him!


Gosh, I think about my old roommates all the time. I made a great friend on my first hospitalization. She helped me to cope with auditory hallucinations.

Yeah, I remember one guy in particular, he used to be a security at a disco, who woke me up in the middle of the night beating the crap out of me, almost broke my fingers… Really miss the f ucker

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There were also good folks though, In my first hospitalization there was this brazilian guy who got his guitar into the hospital the third day I was there and who taught me how to play a really cool version of the ode to joy by beethoven!


there was one heroin addict who hopped trains who got really close to

there was this lady named athena with a beard who was really eccentric

there was this guy who thought he was jesus when i thought i was jesus

there was this kid who was 6’9 and had been in the ward 20 times, he was like 30

there were a lot of annoying girls who didn’t experience sz and belittled me for being psychotic when i was in the private hospital

so many more

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I remember when my first roomate during my first hospital stay was telling my about how he got sent to the hospital because he tried to rob a liquor store with a hammer. We were in the adolescent unit at the time.

That could be a little awkward of a convo :stuck_out_tongue:

The Vietnam veteran who scared me after I pissed him off by telling him he was sitting in my chair. The little old lady who took all her clothes off and jumped in my bed. The poor, poor middle aged lady with the biggest breasts I have ever seen in real life. She was in her forties and some of the guys my age teased her mercessly. They played tricks on her or pinched her breasts and just constantly made fun of her. She wasn’t very nice but she didn’t deserve all the torment they put her through.

The guy who beat me in ping-pong about a hundred times. The guy who sat by himself in the bushes every day while trying to read the dictionary from cover to cover. I was actually on good terms with him.

The 55 year old lady who when you walked behind her you would swear that you were following a sexy 22 year old, but when you saw her from the front she was this unattractive, wrinkly, 55 year old with lipstick smeared across her face and a perpetual mean look.

One time I was in the hospital with this really rugged looking man - a real Marlboro man. I thought nothing of him and was content to leave him alone. Then one day he came up to me and said, “This has been coming for a long time”, and he grabbed me and tried to kiss me.

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Everybody needs sunshine, bet he didn’t mind too much.

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The most memorable person for me was the guy who was leaving his wife because he has to be with a hermaphrodite. He needed someone with both parts and that is just how it was. To each his own. Nice guy, really. Other than that, it was the usual fare. The naked people, the catatonic people, a few “Savior’s” running around (I thought I was the Messiah at one point). I don’t miss the hospital but I am glad it’s there when I need it.

I wonder the same thing. I feel like it haunts me sometimes.

A guy who was a total ■■■■■■■ to everyone and who everyone hated in turn, including me. He spent a lot of time strapped down in bed, and while he was strapped down he would be yelling at staff at the top of his voice, telling them he was going to get his dad to fire them. (His dad was rich.) The women in the hospital called him “the frog man”, and he did look a little like kermit the frog. He was protected on the ward, and if anybody hit him that person would be strapped down too, and because of that he could get away with talking to anybody any way he wanted. He’d been at the hospital about four years, and he spent a lot of that time strapped down. Though he talked like he was a bad ass and weighed 300 lbs, he was one of the weakest persons I’d ever seen. It could be really punishing for staff to have to deal with him, though, and I’d seen one staff guy almost come to tears over this guy’s verbal onslaught.

The nasty guy who tried to fight me got moved wards and was shortly stabbed by a fellow patient.