Most satisfying thing I saw in 2015

I had a rough year at the end of 2015. Some people (maybe quite a few people) here might remember some of what transpired. But basically, I had to be hospitalized for two or three days after staying out for 25 years.

In my younger days I was in and out. I survived. But I was about 55 at this last hospitalization. There’s a difference between being hospitalized when you’re in your twenties and being hospitalized in your 50’s. This last hospitalization was rough. It was the most frightening hospitalization I ever had. This was in the county hospital of a large city. I won’t get into details.

But there was one 25 or 26 year old guy in there who was a total a*hole. Arrogant, a bigmouth, an obnoxious bully. He pissed everybody off by mouthing off and trying to intimidate everybody including the staff. Well, he strutted around for two days, causing trouble and attracting a lot of attention for it. Well, like my dad told me: No matter how tough you are, or how mean you are, there is always going to be someone who is tougher, smarter, meaner or bigger than you. And this guy found his.

There was this kind of mild-mannered, chunky guy with glasses inside. I pegged him as a nerd or geek or the equivalent. But one day I was drinking my little glass of lemonade and I heard a commotion behind and I heard the obnoxious guy mouthing of to the guy in glasses. The guy had enough of the ashole and I turned around just in time to see the guy in glasses snap and attack the ashole. Knocked him down and beat on him for about a good ten or 13 seconds.The glasses guy was just whaling on that guy until four male orderlies dragged him off him. There was a kid standing next to me and we turned to each nervously and said, Wow, did you see that?" I said, He got what he was asking for".

Everybody in the ward saw it and no one had any sympathy for the jerk. The biggest complaint about life in general is that it aint fair. Well, that day, justice was served. For once the stars and the planets were all aligned and one total a-shole got what he deserved.


It is unfortunate but :thinking:

One time I was in the ward and a unappealing older lady who was a patient came in my room @ night!

She was the oppisite sex but wasn’t attracted to her…

I thought she was trying to hurt me and the door pretty much swung open

I yelled in her fking face because I was frightened and yeah that’s all I need to say

Funny thing is… in the ward there’s not always cameras… and no locks on doors…Due to safety… this place there wasn’t cameras and the staff didn’t even hear me yell so this lady patient had came from across the facility which was past the windowed desk and down the hall

I come up to the window and bish out the staff because she was sleeping I said do your fkkng job bish HA!

Scary night in hell

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Quality of the stay often depends on which patients you are hospitalized with. I try not to get into physical conflicts, all that macho posturing stuff, really is silly. Tell those guys good job of giving people with mental illness a bad impression.


I got to witness justification in the form of butterscotch pudding.
It’s not smart to mess with folks in the mental hospital, because you never know what your dealing with.

My first hospitalization in June of 2015 (first time ever being psychotic or anything like that), I went nutty and had to be tackled, shot in the ass and put in isolation. No fun :frowning: especially when I am very docile and non-confrontational before I became MI

Later, another patient (male) came in my room and tried to pull my covers off me. I sat up and did some martial arts moves on him which is funny cuz I don’t know martial arts at all.

Ya, I don’t miss the hospital. I was totally nutty. Speaking in bizarre accents, dancing down the hallways, wrapping myself like Nefertiti in her tomb.

Hard to believe I had virtually never had any signs or symptoms at all of psychosis before that. Sudden onset is supposed to be good as far as recovery. It was sudden alright. Very sudden.

inb4 the jerk is a member of a major gang…

lol lol just kidding

oi. one time a patient was sleeping in my bed. i really didn’t know how the patient got in my room without being restrained, but i immediately backed away and told staff. i did not want to get charged with rape or crap.

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