Thinking about my guitar

I’m so completely in love with the 8 string guitar. I find new voicings and inversions for chords and I’m always, without fail, completely tickled. The way a 3 chord 12 bar pattern can be so alive, with just a tiny variation or substitution. The way that one chord for one 64th can take 109 years of a “simple” form and give it the immediacy of how I feel right now, and give my feeling to the world around me in a way that both pre and supersedes language. I don’t know if love is a strong enough word. But this is where I get to be me in front of all that is, on my terms. The simple words that play across my lips are but shadows of the language gifted to my finger tips. At those moments when my mind can meditate between them, the path my heart can follow opens and I am for a moment, set free to be myself before the world.


wow, I feel like that when I used to paint…thank you…very beautifully written…I feel great when I play guitar too.


Thanks, I thought I might be a little (crazy) for feeling this way about an artistic medium.


I’ve rarely come across anything so beautiful as your words here so eloquently spoken @Funkeldunks. Thanks for sharing.