Thinking a lot

is this a psycho symptom? i think a lot,mostly negatively till i get a headache… ■■■■…i have difficulties talking,its painful for me… i dont know if i ever will get better :frowning:

sorry if i am repeating myself,dont read me if i bore you. i am just in such a pain with this thinking…

try this:

I over think and obsess all of the time, but I have been officially diagnosed with OCD.

Over thinking things could be a symptom of schizophrenia as well.

and you have sz as well?

I have bipolar disorder, but my pdoc told me that I also show signs of schizoaffective disorder.
She told me today.

It could be medication related as well - Im guessing

sorry to hear that. i am justed tired not to do anything in the day,just smoking and overthinking of about everything. i just cant stop think that ill never get better… i know sz who have families, for my its impossible… i am so closed and anguished…what a nasty disease,its not my sister who has it,its me and my father…

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When I was young I found that I could control my anxiety by thinking hard about philosophical subjects. I think many people do this to try to control their symptoms. If you choose a path where you think constantly you are waging a heavy bet against the odds that you will somehow create a palace of ice with which to awe humanity. Of course, your motives may be less grandiose, but you still will want to create a palace of ice. Even if you don’t write a great work of literature I still believe there is value in free thought. If you ruminate about your family’s and or friends activities you are still distilling a strong medicine for their well being.

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Over thinking too much is contributing to your derealization. I don’t over think much anymore, but when I did, I suffered. My thoughts were delusional and philosophical. I partly enjoyed and partly hated them.

i hope you are feeling better today. :heartbeat:
bunny :rabbit: hug.
take care :alien:

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I used to think all the time before I got on meds. My mind was like a busy bee hive, just things going on all the time. My mind was always in overdrive. Now it’s like a single bee buzzing round flowers. It’s going at a comfortable speed, I interact with people and my thoughts are more directed in a single direction.

I used to think so much that I didn’t realize I hadn’t said a single word in over twelve hours or more.

Yeah I used to over think everything. I don’t think it was healthy. I try by best not to over think things now. But I’m sure I still over think more then most people. I just try not to drive myself crazy doing it

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yeah, exactly the same thing here. i cant talk much… ive seen a friend yesterday which is good but i still feel likre crap… my pupils are dilated as well,i dont know if its the haldol or stopping the clozapine…i think a lot yes,i was afraid that my friend speaks about illnesses outside,i am still so paranoid…will haldol help you think?

My eyes were dilated on stelazine

I don’t know but I would definitely talk to your pdoc about other options besides what you’re on. Better meds have cleared a lot of this stuff up for me. It’s really hit or miss with this stuff. I’m on saphris right now and it’s doing a pretty good job. How well it works also depends (in my opinion) on how much stress you’re under and how your life is going. I had to up my saphris and I’m taking more mood stabilizers because I have been repressing a whole lot of emotions in my life for over 22 years and it’s all coming up. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the meds crapped out on you or if it’s your personal life. Sometimes I have stuff going on in my life that I’m not even aware is affecting me negatively because I’m so used to being depressed.

i cant change my trt to eternity. ive tried almost every atypical without i got one pill of haldol in the morning and one pill of zyprexa in the evening…i am constantly comparing to others. they look so energetic and without worries, i am just ■■■■■■ up…

This might help. Just change the word depression to sz

You have to keep fighting hun. (Sorry I’ve always wanted to call someone hun or honey). Everyone has their cross to bear and I don’t mean that in a way that puts down what your going through. I think you’re going through a lot more than a lot of people. What I’m trying to say is some people are better at hiding it than others. I don’t know how I appear to everyone else on here but I look “wrong” and “different” to a lot of other people.

It doesn’t help that I feel like/think my Mom talks about my condition to every passer by. I don’t know what I’m afraid of from that. Maybe the pity, maybe them shaking their heads and discounting me before I even open my mouth. One thing I’m definitely afraid of is they’ll see me as different. I am different, apparently different, but I would rather them look at me as a harmless eccentric than like the sort of monster/freak they all consider us to be. I’ve been different all my life and that’s my cross. I don’t want to be like everyone else I just want to appear normal. And don’t tell me there’s no such thing as normal. I haven’t seen the whole world but I’ve seen enough to know there is such a thing as normal. There are different flavors of normal but there is normal. We aren’t that. There is no changing that. But at the end of the day we have to come to accept that although we aren’t normal we are special and we can’t let anyone make us feel otherwise.

Just keep fighting ok? Once you find the right combination it’ll be worth it.

thank you for this onceapoet. yeah,i am different but i live so isolated because of my paranoia,its since 13 years like that,i am fed up… i never have peace, i suffer tremendously day and night… even my best friend schizo is not like that,shes feeling fine. and i dont know anymore what is fine. i get so tense outside there and at home i think constantly negatively. well see,yes. its just my 9 day on haldol,maybe it will work for me. i know some doesnt really like it but i want to give it a try…:slight_smile:

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i lack so much a critical sense, i dont think a lot if it s not about illness and some stupid things…i can never say-this one is a stupid one or this one is great, i just dont feel it… does it mean that i am without emotions? my mom thinks that i have emotions but that theyve been hurt…

in fact there is something else. i am quite suspicious of what the others are saying to me…i am often denigrating my sz friends of thinking in my head that they re crazy. i feel guilty about that and i am trying to stay calm with them, not to show this ‘‘evil’’ side of myself… i am so tired of all this…and angry now…grrrrrhhhhh…