Things to talk about

Sometimes, even around people, I may have nothing to talk about. Here on I can talk about myself and my problems–about psychology. But socially I must learn to make a better “choice of topics.” For example:

  1. The very latest stories in the news. So I need to keep up. I need to watch the daily news on TV. I may want to form some opinions.
  2. Talk about my other friends and family. It seems I am always asked about this.
  3. Some safe, banal topic such as what I like to cook, or what the weather is going to be like. This is good if I am really struggling.
  4. Let them initiate and then I support their favorite topic. This is the advice some people have given me. “Be interested in them.”
  5. I can talk about some aspect of my daily life. And I can ask them some open-ended questions.
    Does anyone else recognize games people play socially?

For me since sz and the loss of social skills, if you just ask very basic questions to most people you can keep them talking while you listen and don’t have to worry about talking, also gives time to scan the room/area and see if anyone is watching you, look for exits, just my experience of course


Games people play socially…
I’ve noticed when people have something they’d like to talk about, but aren’t sure if they should, they say something vaguely related.
If you ask the right questions, you can encourage them to get to the subject they really wanted to discuss.
Sometimes if I can’t find the right questions, I tell a story or express an opinion related to the subject to let them know it’s okay to talk about.


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