Things that are memorable


a beautifull sunset or sunrise
a loving hug
walking along the beach
walking in the countryside
a smile from a child or an adult
giving not receiving
acts of kindness that you do or others do to you
the smell of good food or coffee
the taste of amazing food
giggling (especially children, that always cracks me up )
the affection of animals
the awesomeness of books
the colours of autumn leaves
the smell of books
a rainbow
the stars at night

truly the things that are memorable are all ’ free '.
we don’t need alot of money to be rich, we are rich…that is true meaning

take care :alien:


So true. If we allow the little things to lift us up we’ll never be stuck in the mud for long! Haha. These are the kinds of things that keep me moving.


My list of memories that I think about are mostly traumatic or sexual. I don’t do well enough to savor the moment of good moments. But I have had some sex that blew my mind. And I have achieved some things that blew my mind. Actually both of those things on the same day and a cigarette on the way home is pretty good. Makes me feel like I’m on drugs. I don’t get to do drugs like normal people so power and sex is my drug cocktail. It is pretty good. That’s why I keep doing it. Lol


I remember there was a TV commercial. “There is something money can’t buy…For everything else, there is xxxxx card”
Apparently businesses are also aware of money is not everything.


The people I’ve known.

‘Snow days’ when I was a kid. Sitting at the kitchen window watching it snow. Snow Cream that my mother made. Sledding. Building an igloo with my brother. The freedom from school.


I’m begining to think that the next time I look in a mirror, you will be looking at me from the other side.
Interesting your list is same as mine, except the stars at night would have been first.:star2::crescent_moon::smile::cyclone:


Playing football at nearby our house park with my brothers are memorable,my older brother don’t really enjoy playing it but I am proud that he is willing to follow me and my younger brother to the playground,fun times I remember…


All those things that you mentioned… I wish I could give you a :heart: like for every single one.

It sure does make the fabric of life much richer.

I’m getting a bit overly nostalgic today… (mushy)

We got together to help the parents decorate for the holidays… came across the box of baby photos… There were some of my kid sis when she was a little pooper.

Many fond memories of raising her. My favorite has always been the looks she would have on her face when any of us gave her a new food to try. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That… and she always looked happy to see me. She would jump up and down in her little crib and reach as much as she could until I picked her up. Baby hugs… the best.


Thanks Darksith for the reminder. I’m feeling a little sad today because my husband is going through a lot of stress. I walked along the beach yesterday and it was wonderful to be alive! The memory is a good sustainer in the dark days.


i hope you and your husband are feeling better.
take care :alien:


it is wierd when i see your writing on here…your thoughts are oddly like mine…!?!
take care :alien:


just a point to remember, don’t call your kidsis a " little pooper " in public…lol
cute when your 2 not when your 22…!?!
take care :alien: