Things haven't quite settled down yet after busy september

im used to going months without a thing on my schedule, but september was a busy month and so far in october after getting back from vacation, my brother and niece has stayed with us, my nephew has stayed with us, and i had to get blood work and now a med injection this thursday. im not used to all this stuff on my schedule, but things will go back to normal after thursdays dose of meds.


Dad and I got all the docks out. That’s what I care about. We are getting pretty good at yanking them out and putting them back in.

Now we are going to stockpile wood bc heating oil and natural gas is going to be insane this winter unless we luck out and have a warm winter.

I get stressed if there is too much on my schedule. The voices become more active and depression is not a good mix with this time of year.

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speaking of docks, dad and i and my nephew are pulling dad’s out tomorrow. my least favorite days of the year are the day we put the dock and boats in and the day we pull them out. the hardest part will be getting 5 poles out of the water that are 4 to 6ft deep in river mud. once the poles are out of the water everything will go quick. i will let my nephew drive the truck with the boat trailers, he is a country kind of kid that drives a big truck, so no shame in my game, he will probably want to drive but i hate pulling that boat and trailer on the road.