Stressed out big time need a vaction

So there has been a lot going on at home drama everyday with family. I definitly needed a break so i left the farm for the weekend to my Uncles beach house. it was only a 2 hour drive and i actually really enjoyed the drive. I need some time to clear my head as well as help build a routine!

Just wanted to vent i guess. How are y’all doing?


yeah, I have access to a beach condo as well. I also want to take a vacation as well.


It’s pretty peaceful out here, I think I might stay for a week instead of just the weekend


Lockdown really doesn’t help as you’re constantly around your family whether you like it or not … so difficult to get away from them… im glad you’re able to get some space


Yup definitely! Being on my own is really big for me!

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The more I think about it. I was supposed to go to the beach this weekend with friends and my father. We had to cancel because of the virus.

hey @Longhorn21 sounds like a decent move for your mental health. Just relax and de stress. Family can be stressors but glad you get an opportunity to unwind a bit. Use the time wisely and enjoy it. Much peace.


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