Things are okay so far with being alone

today i am doing so far so good with being alone. my partner and the in laws went to a amusement park that is three hours away. supposedly they got a deal for five tickets.

my partner was told she may have to buy her own food. she paid for everyone’s tickets though. cost over 230 dollars. she was lied to. her mom said if she paid for the tickets my mother in law would pay her back but then she just said they can put that towards father’s day.

anyway, all the animals are awake i turned on lights for the bearded dragons and the fish. the cats and dogs have been fed just have to feed the bearded dragons, rabbits and my frog.

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Ah, that’s right, you are alone this weekend. His are you feeling? I am alone with the kids just for today and managed to give the kitchen a proper scrub and tidy up their room. Yaaaaaay!
Taking a break before I do my own room now.

Your in-laws sound a bit weird to have excluded you from the trip and then make both of you guys to pay for it, even though officially it was just your partner paying.

Case closed, I don’t like your in-laws.


At least you have the animals to keep you company.

@anon33673328 they are offering more money for staying the weekend here. now its 100 dollars because which im going to save for animal food or vet treatment funds when they need help.

@Wave i have been running back and forth between the house, the apartment and outside to the rabbit hutches. i hand fed the rabbits today daisy an albino is really sweet. had to fix her ramp today. peanut a lop, only seemed interested in the apples and cabbage. i am taking a break before taking care of the last animal. her cage has been scooped and she tank misted. that of course is jasper my frog.


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