Stuff going on not sure if I like it or not

First and foremost the haldol is working. I feel more able to do things. But unsure if it’s the beginnings of mania.

Tomorrow my partner is getting paid and I get my 25 from my in laws. Their rabbits were stolen so they are talking about paying me less.

One good thing though is my mother in law is sick of their bearded dragon in the living room so she is wanting to move him back over to the apartment. Problem is his tank and stand won’t fit in our apartment so he has to go back in his old tank which jasper is in.

We either have to buy a smaller tank for jasper or buy a smaller tank than the one Leo is in but bigger than jasper’s current tank.

I didn’t realize that people steal rabbits. That’s pretty lousy. :confused:

they’ve stolen a rabbit from my brother in law’s ex wife’s house too

I have never heard of such a thing either but some they might train their fighting dogs with them.

Little dogs are stolen as feed or to kill by the fighting dogs.

When I had my dog I was told never to leave my little dog tied up outside a shop .

Have you moved out of your partners parent place?

If so congratulations.

Who in their right mind steals a rabbit?

I don’t know but it’s my in laws fault. They kept the rabbits outside. No we haven’t left my in laws we still live in the apartment attached to their house.

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