They work for you

Often I read of people’s troubles with doctors, therapists, and medication. It’s easy to find yourself in a situation where you feel a loss of control, where it seems like it’s either the doctor’s way or nothing.

The truth is that these people work for you. If you’re not getting the kind of treatment that helps you then find something that will. If your doctor is too rigid about giving you medications that cause bad side effects then get a new doctor. If your meds aren’t helping, then get new meds. Is your therapist wasting your time? Find a new one.

I know that making changes like these can seem overwhelming, but you can do it. Even when faced with limited choices due to insurance, location, etc there are still choices you can make. Even just being direct and assertive with your treatment team can improve things tremendously.

Remember, this is your life and you are the final say. Don’t think that you have no options. Don’t feel that you need to abandon treatment when it isn’t working out. It’s your life, your choice.


This is certainly the case in the USA, but I think a lot of people who make posts frustrated about their doctors are outside of the USA. They’re often assigned their doctors by case workers and it’s difficult to change doctors. Almost all the people I’ve met from the UK have complained about the mental health care in that country.


I understand that some have limited choices but there are always options in treatment. I just want people to know they don’t have to abandon treatment alltogether if things aren’t working out.

When facing limited choices being assertive with your treatment team can really help. It’s easy to be passive but this illness will eat you up until you start choosing to recover.


Loss of control, that is the worst. Some people want to try without meds, or they want their dose lowered or change their medication and doctors just wouldn´t do it. ■■■■■■■ bitches. I mean if i say i want to try without, pdoc should advise me, recommend me to stay on meds or whatever and if i insist to to try without or lower my dose he should be like fine you heard my opinion and if that is the way you want to go , lets lower dose right now. Isn´t that the patient right? Come on!

My previous pdoc said to me after i said to him id like to stop meds, he said no way, im gonna prescribe them to you and if you don´t like that you can stop taking them, they are not addictive! Not addictive!!?? How the hell can i cold turkey 6 mg of risperdal? Withdrawals would be bad and they could send me into psychosis! Ass**** I hope i never see him again. I know he meant well but he violated my human rights.

But my current pdoc is very cool. She listens and she lowered my dose twice and am now on a lowest dose possible. So far so good. I have been on this dose for 4,5 months. We talked about going off meds and she said ok lets try. I will probably be on this dose for some more time, but i i feel like i am in control. And this is how it should be. If i fail, i will learn my lesson and we´ll try a different path to get me better again (hopefully).


Good post; it’s so sad to see my family member give up on treatment because a medication doesn’t work or one person is unhelpful.

Another good thing to do might be to create a support system. Ask a relative, friend, or other advocate to help navigate “the system”, coordinate rides, or reminders etc. Sign forms so they can make or confirm appointments and pick up prescriptions if that would be useful. Make sure to designate in writing what information is to be released and what must remain confidential from the person. Be clear with support system on what specific actions are actually helpful and contribute to your recovery.

My family member with sz has been kicked out of a couple practices for “non-compliance”. I was able to find a good doctor who works with my family member instead of against.

Finding this doc and getting into the practice was an immense amount of work. I understand why someone with an illness that affects cognition and motivation might be confused and disheartened at times.

For my own treatment, I currently like my providers (it took a long time to find them) and am super scared of when I cannot afford them/insurance anymore. But I already started looking at low cost, sliding scale clinics, support groups, etc.

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I am glad you found a good pdoc.

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Great post. Bumping it

Thanks hereandthere. Not only she lowered my dose and is open to the idea to try without meds in the future, she also answered all my questions and explain things for me. Something my previous pdoc didnt do. They say dont praise the day before sunset but so far im very happy with her.

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