They remove my name from my place!really sorry for that!

at my work at hospital
i m pharmacist
i was in good place …they remove my name from this place to another place that is harder !with so quietness!
they say -without any insults or harming words- your fellows complain from you
i m really sorry for that
i m experiencing relapse right now on nowdays
thankfully there were not any insults to me from my moderator!
but i m really sorry for what happened
anyway i will go to my old place… i will stay standing and working for several hours!
i m really sorry for that but that what happened i was screaming from my inside becoz what happened!!!


I’m amazed at your job. I used to (and still do really) think a lot of weird sht too but I still showed up every day and put in my 6 or 8 hours at work and went home and thought more weird sht. But you have a very responsible job, kudos for being employed at a good job.


You are a pharmacist @saynow!??
Wow, very impressive


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