They keep making noises upstairs

Yeah, im just sitting here and whoever keeps making noise in the upstairs hallway.

No one is around or awake when this happens.

And whenever someone else comes around it stops.

Ah ■■■■! I mean ■■■■!

What in the hell are you supposed to do with that?!

i just ignore all that stuff, eventually it just becomes back ground noise.
take care

When I got my ears cleaned out, I could hear the bed bouncing upstairs.

Hehehe…aw gosh, is this 20characters long yet?

have you tried ear plugs?

might help

take care x

Does it occur at the exact same time?

That actually concerns me too , everytime i hear noises upstairs or from around i really freak out really badly , does anyone knows the remedy to this ? cause i personally haven’t healed with time , i only get slightly better sometimes talking myself through it ?

I’m really sensitive to noises. I live in an apartment. When my neighbors bang something or I hear a 'thump", I think they are doing it on purpose to make me mad.

i’m like that too , man i was in europe a couple of years ago and i could hear the neighbors doing it , loud , now even when a dog is barking , remotely , i think someone’s doing it

Well, that I wouldn’t mind. It’s those bangs and thumps that get me riled.