They just get rid of animals

my in laws get rid of animals like crazy. they got rid of one rabbit recently and now they are talking of giving their bearded dragon to their nephew even though he hasn’t proven to be able to take care of the lizard they gave him for his birthday. they wanted to put him in a smaller tank and send him next door to our apartment but thats not fair to him. then said to want to borrow the 20 gallon long that jasper is in and put her back in a ten gallon and put leo in the 20 gallon.

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In my opinion you should have to get some sort of license before being able to own any kind of animal. You’d have to get some level of education in animal owning and responsibilities required to that animal. If you’re caught for animal abuse? Bam license revoked, and from now on if you’re caught with animals it’s a serious crime. If you repeatedly give away animals? You get put on probation from getting any more until you under go more education and if you keep giving them away you get put under review to see why that is and if your reason is you don’t give a crap then bam license revoked.

I seriously hate people who treat animals as toys and objects that they can just throw away when they get bored with or don’t like anymore. That is a living being that you are bringing into your family that you have obligations to.


I agree with everything you said @Anna.


I’m just mad at them they want to put Leo back in the apartment. I think he’s doing good over there. I give him food, love and he gets a big tank at my in-laws I can’t fit his 55 gallon tank and stand in our apartment.

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