Lost My Job

Well, the company I work(ed) for over-hired, and I was the low man on the totem pole. I was given the option to resign with the possibility of getting hired in the future, or face termination. I chose to resign. I’m very bitter about this because after paying for my truck and health insurance, I’m left with a whopping $40. Like I said, I’m coming off meds and remaining on lithium. I’ll give it a few months to let the weather cool off (I live in Phoenix, AZ) - it was 110 yesterday. Maybe come October I’ll be looking again, but I CAN’T work in this heat AND be on lithium.

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Oh man, I’m sorry this happened, but if your taking it as a vacation, at least your making it work in your favor.

I bet you’ll find something in October easy. 110 degrees? I would be a melted puddle of nothingness curled up and freaking out. too much heat no water and I’m a goner.

I’ll stay in my rain city. High this week is supposed to be 80. we level out at 75-80.

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Ick…could you have collected if you let them terminate you? had you worked there long enough? I know i have collected a few times after only working 4 - 5 months…but i think you have to work more than one quarter to get unemployment…
When you quit/resign you usually can’t get it unless you quit for a legit reason, like worker safety violations in the company…

Who CAN work in 110 heat, on or off meds? I know it’s dry heat but still, when I went through AZ and visited Phoenix in July could barely breathe just stepping outside…thank God the people we stayed with had a pool!

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I am truly sorry @anon40540444 for what has happened. I was forced to retire because of my disabling symptoms after years of working at the same position. You know yourself, your body best. I am sure that you will get another job, even a better one when the time is right. Hang in there buddy, I was told a while ago that things happen for a reason - maybe its for the best right now - everything will work itself out


I’m sorry to hear about the job. I hope you find a new one.

I hate heat. It’s only 17 C here and I’m dying outside… (63 F)

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deeply sorry to hear this…take some time to get back on your feet…hoping the best for you…

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I too am sorry to hear your loss.

If it is any consolation I, too, have lost my job of 5-years due to ill health.

From hello one day to goodby the next.

Problem of filling the void and staying afloat financially.

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I’m sorry :frowning: that’s crap.

It seems like you are handling it well, which is good. :slight_smile:

I hope that something good comes your way.

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I’m really sorry for your loss. I lost my job too after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I was a student worker and had my own cubicle and everything. I still miss that job sometimes (because it was in a tall building, so I felt like a boss, and I used took like looking out at the neighborhood). Still, I moved on to bigger and better things and I know you will too.

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sorry to hear that, i hope things pick up for you.
take care