They didn't accept me as a patient

She said I need a higher level of care and referred me over to county. It could take 2 more months to get set up with a therapist and pdoc. I’ve already been waiting 3 months. It’s a good thing I’m not in crisis. This county sucks.


Are you ok for meds ?

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My old pdoc is still writing for me and the counselor I just talked to is going to ask my new gp to write for me temporarily if need be until county can get me going. So that’s one good thing.


Yes, that’s good. But yeah… Good job you’re not in crisis, like you said !

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The most important thing is meds but it would be nice to have someone to talk to. I have a lot to process about the divorce and moving and everything.


I’m proud of you for being patient without panicking. I’m starting to look to you as an example. Congrats! :hugs:


Thank you @JustTrish that’s a nice thing to say.

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It’s the truth. No thanks needed but appreciated.

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