They believe in corona conspiracy theories

Today I met my old high school friend and then we talked about the coronavirus pandemic. He was saying that there is some coronavirus conspiracy and he does not wear a mask nor get any vaccination. I told that I am going to have the third vaccination to which he replied that it lowers my natural immune system. I am just wondering if there are more people like that?


I heard that someone I went to school with is an anti vaxxer conspiracy theory nut now. It’s incredible really.

A family member has really gone off the deep end with conspiracy theories.

She believes the nasal test implants a microchip into your brain. That the vaccine is really mind control. How’re dewormer medication is good for you.

She’s really lost touch with reality, it’s sad.

That is really sad. They probably change their mind when they get covid and need to go to a hospital.


There’s alot of conspiracy theories about the virus. It’s ridiculous.

Yeah, i hear you. I read alot on the conspiracies on the net - and you couldnt make it up. Whats worse is people taking the internet as gospel and believing it, usually the millenium generation.

And we are the crazy ones?!?!


Nah mate - We are just old enough - and suffered enough to know better :stuck_out_tongue: x


I have a friend who is an antivaxxer, he kept sending me articles and consipracies against the vaccine until I told him I will block him. He believes covid was created by governments to reduce the earth’s population, prevent overpopulation. He also thinks that the vaccine implants a microchip and that it can kill you. He’s still unvaccinated and said will never take the vaccine as we reached herd immunity. I avoid talking about covid with him as we end up fighting everytime I do.


My delusional understanding is as the polar ice melts there are new things released, I think I got this idea from some movie…

This my friend has gone through the university education and still he believes these corona conspiracies. It is somehow sad. I suppose there are many people who spread these conspiracy theories on the net and then people read their publications. It is just sad.

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Sadly, there have been reports of people who are in the hospital with covid, who finally recover, then still say they refuse to get a shot.

I’ve learned that discussing COVID with other people is a lot like discussing politics. It’s just better to steer clear of both topics. If someone wants to preach their opinion constantly it’s time to leave the room.

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We always close down the conspiracy theories here
Too much misinformation that can cause real illness and death.

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If that were true they would use a virus with a much higher mortality rate and if the government was that malevolent they would just send out waves of agents to kill people instead of wasting all this time.


I miss 2 years ago when everyone would take the Mickey out of anti-vaxers. Now it almost seems trendy to be anti-vax. I don’t get it. I, and many other people, put them lower than flat earthers on the conspiracy hierarchy.

If it was 2019 and I were to go on about some of the crap that people spew today about the vaccine and a virus they’d put me in the hospital and up my meds.

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My aunt won’t have the vaccine, she says shes ok with dying, doesn’t take into consideration how it will affect others.

I haven’t got the vaccine, but I’m not anti-vacination.

I contracted corona in march last year. Some studies show that virus resistance is many times higher if the body develops a natural defense against disease. I don’t see the point in getting the vaccine when there have been reported cases of severe interactions, even almost sudden deaths.

In my country with just under 6 000 000 people there is reported several thousand cases of severe side effects after vacination. But ofcourse there has also been over 1000 corona related deaths.

And now it is even proven that people who got the vaccine still can contract the disease and infect others.

However I would probably take the vaccine if I was in the risk group with underlying diseases or if I was a elder. And I might have gotten the vaccine if I hadn’t already contracted it last year. And that was before the vaccination had been created.

My only point really is that not all people who choose not to take the vaccine are conspiracy minded. There are legit arguments not to take the vaccine too.

My parents are the exact same way so yes. They make me feel a little paranoid if I listen to their conspiracy theories

It speaks to the amazing ignorance of human beings as a species that the cure for a global threat becomes a divisive issue.

The only option is to let them get sick and possibly die.

We tried to help them, the rest is up to them.

And for the record my stepdad believes the whole thing is a hoax. He also told me 800,000 children get abducted from the USA by aliens per year, and that covid deaths aren’t even at that number so why should it matter.

I miss the days when he was rational. I can’t talk to him anymore, I just smile and nod.