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Another thread got me to reminecing about seeing Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones in concert live. Led Zeppelin was my very first concert when I was 16 years old. My friends mother drove us and two other friends up to Oakland Coluseum to see them. There used to be outdoor concerts there every summer for years. They were called " A Day on the Green" because this was a baseball stadium and the bands would set up down on the baseball field in center field and then you could either stand on the baseball stadium floor on the grass or go up into the bleacher seats and sit up there and watch.

This particular concert was the very last time that Led Zeppelin gave a live concert in America. When my friends mother dropped us of we walked around outside and found someone selling acid and we bought some but only me and one other friend took it. We had to stand in line for about an hour and a half and by the time we got in we were buzzing on the LSD pretty good. So we got inside and we strolled around the corridors for awhile then went way up high into the bleacher seats where we sat down and smoked the pot we brought with us.

The band wasn’t out playing yet so we decided to go down and stand on the baseball diamond. We went down and stood there but Led Zeppelin was late and didn’t come down for almost an hour and a half. Than they came on. Now that was some good acid and I hate to admit but we wee so high that I don’t remember a lot of the performance.

I remember No Quarter and Battle of Evermore and Dazed and Confused but I don’t remember everything. But I remember it was a lot of fun and hey ! it was Led Zeppelin for christ sake, the best band ever. And I felt lucky to be there. The Rolling Stones was the year after. Pretty hard to remember that too, even on the next day.


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