The Styx are a great band

“I’m gonna be a blue collar man”. Just a realization I’ve came to. I’ve worked blue collar jobs since I was 16 when I worked full time doing golf course maintenance I’ve done carpentry more maintenance painting project management and more. I don’t mind being a blue collar man especially since the Styx made such a great song about it. I’ve always got along with my employees at these jobs really well too. Glad to give up my dreams of being an artist although I will always respect artisticness…

Styxx and Peter Framptom performed at the first rock concert I went to as a teenager. They were decent I thought, granted it was my first time so I would have probably been impressed regardless! :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad had a friend who was a friend of frampton, for whatever it’s worth…apparently good friends too. There isn’t a classic rock musician I dislike

Interesting! It seems a strange coincidence!

What’s your favorite classic rock bands?

Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC are probably my top two.

Followed by Pink Floyd, Queen, Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones in no particular order.

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Much of the same

Add some ccr, doors, Jimi, Joplin to add some gender diversity

Hell Alice cooper and so many more

The police guns n roses

My dad actually saw billy Joel at the bar once and went to high school with Steven Tyler and saw a lot of great concerts too when 60s bands were in their prime. My pdoc went to Woodstock and tripped on lsd

My favorite band is led Zeppelin though by far

I’m disappointed in myself for forgetting to include Hendrix! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love talking to old timers that went to woodstock and were young adults or teens during the late 60’s and early 70’s! They have the most amazing stories!

They all agree with me that Isis must be stopped too!!!

My first concert was Led Zeppelin. That was in 1977. It was held in Oakland Coleseum; on the baseball field. The line was huge. Me and my friend each took a hit of acid and by the time we got in, we could just feel the acid coming on. One thing I remember vividly is that right before the entrance gate they had a large dumpster, the kind you find behind stores. They didn’t allow weapons inside so this dumpster was full of pocketknives that they had taken off of people. Hundreds of them. They didn’t allow drugs or booze inside either but 50,000 people were toking on joints when the band took the stage. My second concert was the Rolling Stones the next year.

I’m so envious right now! :wink:

Both concerts must have been amazing!

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It’s interesting because I grew up on hip-hop. I went with my friend to a Wu-tang clan featured hip-hop festival. Also nas performed and much more. I still like these artists but not as much anymore. But anyways, I put a FATTIE inside my waist strap of my shorts and I got frisked, that was the first place he checked, and he was like “LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE” I whispered to him while looking in the other direction “just throw it in the garbage”, and quickly he did. Then afterwards he said “I was gonna let you have the joint, I was looking for weapons but when you told me to throw it away I did it”…I had like a quarter ounce of the good stuff back in my car. I ended up asking a random 16 year old for a few rips from his blunt ( i was 18 or 19 at the time) in exchange for lighting his blunt for him…so it all worked out. Ahhhh good times.

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