There's a Darkness on the Edge of Town

But It’s not like we were born to run to Thunder Road.

Not Thunder Road, but to the Darkness on the Edge of Town! :sunglasses:

I’m confused…

That’s my permanent state!
Just referencing some early Bruce Springsteen here.

Bruce Springsteen’s - Greatest Hits was the first CD I bought when I was young. We didn’t have a stereo before with CD. I listened to that album countless times and Thunder Road was one of the songs. Good sparkling healthy times.

He’s still going strong at age 60. He’s still releasing new CD’s occasionally and still touring. I saw him in concert in 1978, he played for 3 1/2 hours with a 15 minute intermission. Best concert I ever attended. Better than Led Zeppilen, Pink Floyd, U2, the Rolling Stones or any other one of the other dozen top acts I’ve seen.

Bruce came out a few years ago that he was diagnosed with depression.

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