There was a huge explosion in Beirut

We don’t know what caused it for real but people are talking about another war.

I have one of my best friends who lives right next to the explosion area, I messaged her she didn’t reply. I hope she’s still alive.

I called my mum, she said she was terrified. All the windows and glasses in my sister’s, brother’s house got shattered but they’re still alive.

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It’s all over the news. It was really bad.

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Holy crap!

I’m so sorry, @mermaid1.


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I have the video but not a good idea to post it on a schizophrenia forum full of paranoids. I am Syrian and all my friends are Lebanese. On Lebanese news channel they said its 2700 tonnes of nitrous chloride gas that was going to Africa that exploded. 70 dead and thousands of injured. Many ppl are missing too.

I watch Arabic news but personally it drives me paranoid and delusional but my lebanese friend pushed me to watch it.

Oh yea also I will probably get flagged if I post the explosion video fir politics.

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