Lets talk about Paris

I don’t think people really feel sorry for what happened they are just using this tragedy to promote their political propaganda. What about Beirut bombings? Nobody is talking about it as much. Or maybe its the count of victims that matter more or what??

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you cannot destroy love :heart:
we must have compassion for those who cause this pain…
for not only are they misguided…
they have created karma for them selves.
take care :alien:

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I’ve said this on another thread but I had a belief all year that there would be multiple terrorist attacks in November. I know its probably not related but half of me is a little freaked out

I believe it is related you have psychic abilities i have them too.

My therapist thinks I’m psychic too. Like once I was i was in a classroom with 70+ students and I had the random conviction that I was about to be called on and I was. Things like this happen every day to me. Without exception they are always intuitions of what is about to happen.

And I used to have “outside sources” telling me that the world will end soon, etc.

I’m probably being superstitious.

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They attacked one of my favoritee bands! That is what really hits me. It always hits worse when you know someone involved. I really hope they’re okay. There have been conflicting reports on their safety.

What band would be playing in Paris that you like? are they popular?

The Eagles of Death Metal. I’m into weird music.


Dont worry they’re all safe

How do you know? A few reports said their mom said they were safe, but their official page still says they don’t know.

Nobody talks about Beirut bombings anyway. Too bad though. Religion sucks in general


I think people are desensitized to the bombing in Beirut because they’ve been bombing each other over there for decades,im not saying its right but when evil and violent acts are carried out in a specific region and it’s considered normal by the inhabitants of that region why should anyone else feel that its anything out of the normal way of life ?

I had no idea this had happened until I saw it on here…but having watched some news (don’t have much else to watch) I couldn’t help but have the feeling…what if this were rather than Islamic extremists…some far right conspiracy…could be entirely wrong here. But think about it…my thoughts were…I mean during a time of mass migration across Europe…France closing it’s borders…you know perhaps just to push an already edgy situation ever closer to the brink.

But again…I really have no idea…could be the same old thing we’ve been dealing with.

Hope the victims of the tragedy in Paris will RIP.Also I hope France will tighten its security and make their country a safer place

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I don’t even know why I posted that thought on here…probably is ISIS or some similar group…and yes my thoughts are with the people of France.

I used to follow the world situation…world events. Up until this chaotic mess came out of the Syrian civil war…and then I went completely insane the winter these guys came to my attention…beheadings…desecration of historic treasures etc…

Really is a complete mess there.

Well, once the perpetrators are figured out, they’re going to be hunted down and killed.

Reality is full of horrible things.

Bin laden was the all time hide and seek world champion, I might add.

If they did whack bin laden he’s also a great example of what happens to people that think that they above the law.

The world wide collective decided that because he took his personal beliefs to a level that is detrimental to every community ?..he got zapped.

As should anyone that thinks that they are above the law of …just plain decency as a human being.


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You just know some politicians are going to go, “See?, This is what happens when you let in refugees!”

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Unfortunately this event will stir more and more hatred in to this world. We won’t be seeing any peace soon. I don’t know how about you guys but all I want is peace and love.

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