There should be a binge eater volunteer helpline in the UK

To give me brief support when I feel like I’m going to relapse.

Would be awesome!!!

I checked and such a thing does not exist

I need to find an accountability buddy.

I feel like I might be trigerring my sister if I ask her like every other day for brief support on food


Does anyone want to buddy up for binge eating. But I’m warning you I would ask for a brief uplift or health risk reminder every day maybe even…

In return I can provide the same support :blush:

It can just be on this thread it doesn’t need to be PM.

Or it can be PM

I just binged :frowning: I could use an accountability buddy

I’m sorry to hear that. But I’m sure you can start again, binge free and confident in that :))

Don’t give up!

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Very true! Tomorrow is a new day

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It definitely is :slight_smile:

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I binge ate too today.

Sad times.

Fresh page tomorrow. New start.

We can overcome this. Together.

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This might help

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Thanks Ninjastar i think I vaguely saw this but not sure if they provide service to when someone has strong cravings.

Instead, just when someone requires educational kind of support.

But idk really. Will call them up and see.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Let me know if they are a good resource. I can add them to the crisis intervention resources page if they help.

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Definitely! I went for a long walk today to try to burn off the calories from last night.

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@Ninjastar, will do. I’ll call them the next time I get cravings.

@anon2818416 that’s cool. :+1:

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I binge ate SOOOOO MUCH YESTERDAY. I’m so scared. I weighed 68kg two days ago. I gained 3.1kg in two days. I will be calling that helpline @Ninjastar posted because they can support me in times of craving. As I have asked them.

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