There’s a 65 to 70-year-old guy working at my apartment

And he smokes a cigar 24-7. I saw him smoking the whole time he was working, and then I saw him driving in yesterday smoking a cigar on his way. This guy is literally always smoking a cigar

Actually he’s probably like 80

Some folks never really retire. Sometimes they are lucky people who have their health hold up that long. Other times they simply can’t afford to retire. Cigarette smoking doesn’t always kill early. One of the oldest women in recent decades quit her habit at 103 just for the principle of it.

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It was probably a thing back in his day. George Burns always had one too. I think many other movies stars and singers used them.

Pre 1970s ish smoking good cigars was a luxary.

When the general public found out they caused so many health problems smoking became discouraged.

Poeple didnt know about a lot about bad habits back then. Another example is using excessive amounts of butter and out right animal fat in everysingle food the housewife prepared.

Later we found out what saturated fat or hydronized fat did to us if eaten in those quantities.

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I almost went to the store and bought some cigars after seeing this guy. I mean I smoke the little cigars but not the big ones

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then come up with some good oneliners?

sources of inspiration for you?
George Burns
Rodney Dangerfield

I grew up on Dave Chapelle


He is hallarious. I watch quite a few comedians to help battle with my MI problems. I like the more modern ones too.

I watch them on Utube. I think it helps. People around me hear it and bust out laughing.

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oh yes I forgot. becareful of repeating any jokes to strangers.

I dont tell jokes to people but if the comic on utube jokes about something contraversial, while I am around strangers, sometimed those people actually get angry at me as if I was the one who said it.

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I joke around with my friend a lot and he’s really gullible… I’ll mess around with him and he’ll believe it every time ha ha

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I know a 72 year old lady who smokes cigs and still mows her own lawn.

Jim Jeffries is a pretty good comedian

Jim Jefferies I think it’s spelt like that he’s pretty funny

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