There could be up to 10 billion warm and cozy Earth-like planets in our home galaxy, new research reveals

That’s the conclusion of researchers at Penn State University, who used data from NASA’s Kepler telescope to estimate the number of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way. Their results, published in The Astronomical Journal this week, suggest that an Earth-like planet orbits one in every four sun-like stars. Totaled up, that means there could be up to 10 billion Earth-like worlds in our home galaxy.

Man this is cool stuff. Whatever degree you have to have to study this stuff for a job you have to sign me up, jk.


Now we just have to figure out how to get there!


I think we can do it someday. Just look at what we have achieved already in a very short amount of time.


Only if we could imagine the possibilities?! Each and every blink in the sky is a potential sun with a potential earth like rock, not too far, so it doesn’t freeze, not too close, so it doesn’t boil.

I believe that humans doesn’t have a sensory organs to comprehend the staggering numbers of cosmic bodies that there are out there.

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It seems nuclear propulsion is the wave of the future, but it’s very dangerous.

Apparently we have teleported things into space. We would need to travel to another planet first before we could teleport there.

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I was watching an In a Nutshell video on youtube which was pretty interesting. It mentioned how one day galaxies will be so far apart from each other, that it will seem like the only thing in the universe is the individual galaxy which the spectator lives in. So maybe trillions of years later, an alien in another galaxy will think their galaxy is the only location that exists in the universe; but if we still pass knowledge down throughout the ages, then the descendants of humans, will know that the universe is full of other galaxies. It scares me that other galaxies may become unreachable. Hopefully we create the technology needed to traverse the universe…maybe wormholes. I know there is life out there.


Although the lights in the night sky will indeed go off signaling total emptiness for future generations.

But in few billion years we humans might get a chance to play an actual God. If I’m correct, and the pressent is the long forgotten “fish to ape” scenario, and no errors have been made in the process.

I believe that evolution cannot be stopped, and I believe that we will end up something extraordinary.


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