Themes of Schizophrenia in Media

Have you guys noticed that they’re everywhere? All over the place, most of the time it doesn’t even seem intentional. There is a very large presence in much of tv, movies, books, music, you can find it everywhere.

I find it’s most often not directly referred to but emulate the symptoms and tribulations in many ways. Mental illness seems to be the artistic struggle, for all its vast perceptual possibility.

Even still, it’s presented in a way that makes it clear nobody understands what they’re talking about when they do talk about it.


Thus Is True … ,

It’s About Money … ,

tha Ratings Skyrocket When Murder Is Involved , and If Some A-Hole Decides To Claim To Have a Mental “illness” As He Murders a Crowd Of People , Tha Ratings jus Stay In a “glorious” Position … ,

All Tha While Tha Victim gets To See Tha Show On Tha News Channel , and Usually Remains SILENT til tha Dai They Die …,

It’s Money On Thee Other Syde Of That Fence , So Don’t Let It Disturb your Creativity …

Its a Circus For tha Indifferent Robots … ,

To laugh About While They fynde More Shizz To Take and Pretend It Was Always There’s …

I have noticed it. In Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, magic and fairies particularly seem to operate as psychosis. I love the book so much but also find it somewhat triggering, as I recognize so much of what’s described, and also have a personality and background that leans longingly towards acceptance of fairies and magic.

Nono, that’s not what i’m talking about. That’s very direct, ■■■■■■■■ level ■■■■. I’m talking about stuff like this:

This is the best example of derealization i’ve seen, and I doubt anybody realized it. Stuff like that is everywhere.

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Hmm ,

Jus So You Know Tha End Of Tha Road is Money … ,

You Either Have It OR You Don’t , and Tha More You Get … ,

Tha Deeper You Can Go … ,

and It Ends On Both Ends , When tha STOP Sign Arrives , We Choose and Never Look back … ,

and (by) Tha T(Y)me That We do … ,

It Is Jus Too Late … ,

and To be Honest , e(Y)e Don’t Watch T.v. Anymore …,

Tis Money Yo Yo …

I like Rick and Morty because it started as just youtube ■■■■■■■■ haha

Well Ok ,

Have a Great Dai MisterWaffles …

I just watched an episode on Law and Order about a schizophrenic man. He was violent, unfortunately. They’ve had other episodes with violent schizophrenics on them. They do seem to think that being sz removes a lot of legal responsibility for a person’s infractions.

Batman is one of the worst about that sortof thing. I’ve always hated batman

Let’s face it. Violence is often associated with sz. In reality schizophrenics are more likely to be the victims of violence than its perpetrators.

Yep Yep Yep Yep Yep …

I worry about becoming violent. I lean that way sometimes.

I have quite a bit of anger myself. It would take a lot for me to get physically violent, though. I can get emotionally violent when under great stress. So far just about all my acts of violence have been in self defense.

I’m a victim of child abuse and was diagnosed with PTSD when I was younger, i’ve always been a very angry person

Completely Understood … ,

e(Y)e Got An Album Fur Ya Yo … ,

Here’s a musician with schizophrenia haha

Hmm , You Probs Already Aware Of Thus One but Why Naught ,